WebDiet is an online weight management tool that can help its users eat smarter and healthier. Its a service that proactively sends location-based, customized meal suggestions directly to mobile devices and helps keep track of what you eat.

The ides has potential. GPS-based real-time meal recommendations based on your daily intake requirements and goals can be a simple way to stick to healthy eating habits. Webdiet also has a feature where you can order your meal in advance through your mobile device. Not sure about their coverage though- feature like these need to have granular, wide geographical coverage before they can be found useful by users. Maybe we will see some social networking features in future (who is eating what in your network? Geez..).

They are currently in invite-only beta, but have plans to launch on a freemium model early 2009 (so you can join and get basic service for free, but it’ll cost you to upgrade to a preimum service with more features).

September 2010 Update: WebDiet seems to be a part of the publicly-traded Nutrisystem, Inc. now. Can’t find any past news about an acquisition though.