SpineConnect is a knowledge networking site for spine surgeons to collaborate and support each other on difficult cases. It is the first offering from Syndicom, an online services company focused on communication and collaboration platform for the orthopedic industry.

Since its launch in early 2006, SpineConnect has gathered 1174 members from 38 countries with a knowledge base of over 900 cases and 4200 reviews (June 2008 data). I’m not sure about their business model, but it has to do with facilitating partnerships to bring innovative spine surgery ideas to market.

My personal belief is that general social networking websites loose their value with scale- there needs to be a common passion among members for the community to thrive. SpineConnect is a good example of a narrow focus community discussing treatment, challenges, outcomes, research and new technologies for a very specific field. All the more better for targeted advertisements :-). The future of networking is niche… at least in healthcare.