RememberItNowLogoRememberItNow is an online medication reminder service. Once you enter the pill information (what, when) it can send email/text reminder messages at the right time. Also included are some features around access control , scheduling, charting, journal etc.

The site was inspired by a true story, and I agree that we can do better by utilizing web technology for medication adherence. But I’m not sure if there is a need for a devoted web service just around medication reminders. They are currently in beta so all services are free, but looks like they will offer paid accounts once they are out of beta.

Reminder functionality is best served as a part of a bigger PHR platform (like Google Health) and in most cases, there are generic substitutes available. For example, why not use 30Boxes or Reqall or even your Google Calendar instead of paying monthly subscription? All of these are capable of sending reminders at a preset time. Medication reminders is an important issue, but emails/text is not going to be the complete answer imho. Especially given the fact that most of the people having trouble remembering are in an age group where emails/text are not the choice of communication anyway. That is why devices like ePill exist.

April 12, 2010 update: Got a demo of new functionality from CEO Pam Swingly. Besides medication reminders online and on mobile platform, they now also offer a personal health record and the ability to create care communities.