organizedwisdomlogo1OrganizedWisdom describes itself as the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health. What the site promises to provide are noise-free, simple but organized search pages that list relevant information on health topics. Its a crowdsourcing model at heart- these pages are essentially hand-crafted search results aggregated by OrganizedWisdom Guides and Physician Reviewers (eligible volunteers) who get paid $2 to $4 for each approved ‘WisdomCard‘. Given thier start in late 2006, their content coverage seems significant. I liked the easy signup for RSS/Twitter updates on a particular topic, related WisdomCards, RequestWisdom functionality.

Their business model is advertising, where interested companies can push their ads on specific WisdomCards that are most relevant to their target audience. With an average 40K visitors per month, I wonder how that model is working out for them.

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