myfoodmyhealthlogo1There are plenty of medical conditions that necessitate dietary changes (Celiac’s, Diabetes, etc.) and it’s a hassle for the affected individual and/or primary caregiver to manage cooking with restrictions like gluten-free or lactose-free ingredients. MyFoodMyHealth is a startup with the self-stated mission of ‘helping you feel better by eating deliciously’. They provide meal plans, recipes, videos, articles tailored to specific health conditions.

I do think that this is a viable model and solves a customer need. Especially for serious conditions like Celiac, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolaemia. Besides just niche recipes, meal plans and basic nutritional education, knowing how your food can interact with medications or where to shop for a particular ingredient can be very helpful in managing a chronic condition. Just ask a Type II Diabetic. MyFoodMyHealth current business model is B2C (subscription model) but they can be a valuable content provider for the numerous food/health related sites like,, etc.