foodfeedlogoSince my last rant was around twitter, I thought I’ll follow up with another one around same topic. First notable thing about FoodFeed is that its not really useful (their own words, not mine). Its a service that lets you share your eating habits on twitter.

They are still in beta so maybe other features are in pipeline, but honestly, FoodFeed seems to be a solution looking for a problem. So here is a wild thought- why not transform it into a service for people with food-related conditions? Diabetes, Bulemia, Celiac disease, IBS… the list is extensive for the number of diseases that force patients to monitor what they eat and seek treatment/help accordingly.

Example- say a $9.99/month service for young diabetics who need to log, analyze and accordingly modify their eating habits. The service could take real-time user tweets via FoodFeed and provide the following: an online diary of food, instant ‘nutritional info’ tweet back, offer expert monitoring, and the usual host of social networking features. This hypothetical ‘service’ would be an interesting extension to huge online diabetes communities like Tu Diabetes, or Lunch Clubs. BTW, startups like SugarStats are already twitter enabled, but pursue it only as a way of data input.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta]September 2010 Update: FoodFeed seems to have closed shop permanently. Rest in peace.