dailystrengthlogoOnline communities are perhaps the cornerstone of web these days, and I’m begining to find so many of them related to health that I’m slowly running out of things to say around the topic. DailyStrength.org is a place for patients/family members to find others like them and anonymously connect, share and discuss all aspects of a particular disease or condition. From discussing the latest treatment/news to sending virtual hugs, all major social networking features are available.

For a site started in early 2007, their numbers are pretty good. Dataopedia shows around 400,000 unique visitors every month. The site self-reports its major user demographic to be females between 25 -55 years. In Dec 2008, it was acquired by HSW International, the digital content company that owns the China and Brazil flavors of HowStuffWorks.com (which itself is a part of Discovery)