Curbside.MD is a search engine for finding evidence based clinical information. The idea is to type in the search need as a natural language question that a clinician would normally ask his/her colleague, and get relevant answers from the literature (articles, images, guidelines, etc.)

I took it for a test drive with a moderately complex question (‘what is the indication for platelet transfusion in an 80 year old female with dengue fever?’) and got relevant results in terms of review articles and clinical trial outcomes. Pretty cool.

The logic behind Curbside.MD is semantic indexing using a controlled medical terminology (they call it “semantic fingerprinting“) with a bit natural language processing. They provide a bunch of tools (search box, news, spellchecker etc.) for partners and a browser search toolbar for users. The technology is also available as an API service from an alternate website called Fingerprint.MD.

Praxeon is the company that started Curbside.MD and MyDailyApple in 2006. Both websites are currently free for users, but the company admits to a future ad-based business model.