Ever since Google and Microsoft jumped into it, the PHR (Personal Health Record) space has become red hot. So while PHRs try to move from hype phase to reality, startups like ClearSense are positioning themselves to leverage all those rich, complex details about your health.

ClearSense aims to help you make sense of your health information by providing the data analysis technology called REDBOX (developed at Bioinformatics Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin). I couldn’t find any information around what exactly makes REDBOX unique- it seems like it consists of data analysis models and algorithms that are optimized for health related data (although the devil is in the details for a technology like this). The company behind both of them is Point One Systems, which seems to have spun off from the Research Center.

The sample reports look Web 2.0-ish, with simple interface and layout. The actionable items and alerts are clearly outlined along with tips and educational material. I dont have enough health information in my Google Health account (fortunately I’m in the pink of health) so there was not point in taking ClearSense for a spin on my info.

Although there is minimal info about ClearSense’s unique selling point, the overall concept may actually prove to be useful if/when PHRs take off in future. Hopefully, ClearSense will survive to see that day.

August 2010 Update: Clearsense doesnt exist anymore. Neither does Point One Systems. Oh well.