CareFlashLogoCareFlash has an interesting take on social networking for patients. It lets you create a private, secure website to inform and update your family/friends about your medical condition- an online ‘community’ of sorts. Good concept. Having an invite-only, private community helps everyone to stay current with latest developments about the health of someone they love, without everyone calling and visiting all the time. They have some neat features like a shared calendar, email alerts, forums etc.

The crown jewel offering is the educational content- they have 3D medical animations around a long list of conditions. These are meant to help patients and relatives better understand the medical condition. The content is developed by another company (Blausen Medical) and is high-quality, professional grade. I reviewed some of the videos and found them quite useful.

Its been around since 2007 and gets substantial visitors- around 2K+ per month. The site is completely free, and one of the press releases points to their business model “CareFlash is completely free to our users because select industries value having their advertisements tastefully and unobtrusively displayed in the circumstances on which each unique community is based.” Although I didn’t see any ads next to the videos I saw.