Here is a half-baked idea that adds another data point to my rant about how keeping a record of health-related activities is useful, and how web 2.0 technologies can help enable such a record. Bedpost is a web application (currently in private beta) that helps in keeping track of user’s sex life. I’ve not used the site myself, but they claim simple functionality- log in after the fact and fill in some fields about it. Thankfully, they also claim ‘zero social networking’ functionality to keep things private.

Sure all this can be a simple iPhone app (maybe there is already one out there) or even a one-line cryptic entry in your google calendar. My point is not to critique the utility of an independent website to track one’s sex life. I’m reflecting on the overall trend of niche health and wellness ‘trackers’ (read my previous posts about FitBit, Proactive Sleep, ZeaLog, Qwitter). Given the myriad sexual disorders (e.g. Erectile Dysfunction) and their probable causes, an application like this could provide rich history for clinicians. Overall, it underscores the importance of web 2.0 technologies in enabling consumers to keep granular, accurate health records.

Update: Few weeks after writing this post, I found a number of mobile apps (with integrated online version) that let you count/track anything you want. Few examples: TallyZoo, Dayta, Daytum, TheCarrot. There are also multiple websites that let you track and analyze anything- Graphomatic, Kibotzer, Track-n-Graph, Me-trics, LifeMetric, DailyDiary.